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Our Products

CIJ Consumables

The company’s Core team has solid expertise in making Continuous Inkjet Printer Inks and additives and even went on to support many OEMs in assisting them to produce their own brand consumables during their emergency requirement times, in India. The ICIPL production experts have made gallons of Inks and additives and flooded the same in Indian as well as neighboring countries market for the last 13 years and earned good reputation and applauds.

Many Industrial Giants have been benefitted through this compatible inks & additives and also found their printer life also got extended due to the support that the company provide across all states of Mother India, effectively and innovatively.

Spares and Accessories

Great saving offered to all CIJ users across the country by offering quality spares and guidance to each Industry to save their enormous spending due to high cost spares and Down times. We invented the path of replacing just the worn-out parts instead of changing the whole set ups. Provided the option of repairing the boards, changing just valves instead of whole modules or cores etc.,

Company offers Guaranteed Spares and provided novel accessories for all printers for easy and stable usage of printers of all varieties of printers such as CIJ, TIJ, DOD and TTO.

CIJ printers

As of now, many printers are flooded in the market with more options but remember all those printers do come with a locking system. This locking system restricts the printer buyers and get locked with the supplier for ever, eternally. We supply free printer with the strong belief that we provide the most reliable and consistent service support 24 X 7 at all times, to the customers. Hence buying such a LOCK FREE printer always ensure the customer freedom to switch the ink suppliers at any point of time when they feel the support service is not upto the mark. Also, the printer is free from the heavy expenses items, such as Ink Core, Ink Module etc., This printer runs without such heavily costing spares in its structure or construction. The ink mileage is slightly better and ensures the frequent filling of Inks and additives are controlled.

DOD printers and Consumables

Established a good contact with Korean Counter parts and ensuring the appropriate and stable printers are supplied to our beloved Indian customers to counter and to withstand the rough and tough conditions which are clouded with heat and dusty Indian sub-continent environment. These printers are subjected for all types of environment and conscientious testing and performance.

Drop in Demand [DOD] and Large Character printer consumables are provided at a very low price to accommodate the inflationary trend in India and comfort the manufacturer by achieving marginal saving in their coding cost. Bag printing and Bold printing has been made very easy and economical.

Thermal Inkjet [TIJ] Printer and Consumables

Globally Proven Thermal Inkjet Printer [TIJ] and also possess a good history in India, have been identified and kept ready for neat installation at any customer location. These printers do give Crisp Print with awesome quality. Additionally, TIJ provides cleaner work space and lesser maintenance issues. These Printers give longer printing and definitely has an edge over the coding cost and consumables stock requirements. Easy to handle, requires smaller space in the production units.

Consumables are coming in a clean and cute packing with much to offer for your coding needs and requirements with capabilities to print barcode, QR codes with more clarity and transparency.

Thermal Transfer Options and Consumables

Much to rejoice of pack makers such as snacks, Food and Masala, Auto accessories manufacturing and packing units to print their details, QR codes, etc. in a super-fast manner. This TTO printer comes handy and it would be surely a novel choice for all of them. Premium Resin Type Ribbons are available for longer durable printing options and Economy Resin Ribbons are also ready to roll over the customer products to keep the coding for the required shorter time.

Very comfortable and convenient sized TTO ribbons are available with various options such as Resin Types and Non Resin Types with “Print in” and “Print Out” options and in required sizes and lengths.

Sr.No Ribbon Description

Service and Support

Support service is the hallmark of our Company. None can match the quickness that our engineer responds to the customer calls and ensuring the printers are not kept idle for long hours. Never allow the production to wait endlessly for the ordered spare to arrive or the designated engineer to response but try to run the printer with our technical expertise and/or standby spares and super support from HO.

Multi brand printer’s knowledge help a single engineer to attend to problems from different brand printers that might be available at the customer place and avoid their possible protocol disturbances at their plant level

Genuine Spares and deep knowledge of engineers will lead towards customer cost cutting.